5 gennaio 2011

Day 11

I'm very busy in this period, I had little time for the autumn project.. Damn!

Day 10

The autumnal wreath
For several weeks I wanted to make a wreath with the leaves..
Finally I found a tree with these beautiful red leaves! :)

4 gennaio 2011

Day 9

Yesterday I watched the movie "Silk" from the novel "Seta" by Alessandro Baricco.
I love the scenes in Japan, I hope to soon visit that beautiful place..
This shot reminds me of the scene where the mysterious Japanese girl taking a bath.

Thanks to Greg Koren and frdb which inspired me! :)

Day 8

There's still some leaf hanging from the ceiling, but half of their went down..
When I see them fall, I feel like I living under a tree :)
Their swinging is a lullaby..
Nature is falling asleep.

Day 7

Until dawn light comes
"..stay in my arms
close your eyes and hold your breath
until dawn light comes
the dawn light comes.."

The return from Boston made me feel k.o. I miss it..
It took me a few days to rearrange some ideas and rearrange some things..
Now I think about the places that I didn't visit but I would have liked..
Strange feelings.

I have had this song in my head for all day.. (sorry, I didn't find a good video)

Day 6

Autumn Walk

Nothing special.
Yesterday I took a walk in the park near home, finally it was sunny ..
I didn't think to find a great atmosphere for my project, it was rainy in the last 3 days. Instead, the light was very nice, but I hadn't the tripod and clothing suitable for a nice picture.
So I had to improvise, using the backpack as a tripod.

Day 5

This is the first image that I had in my mind when I thought to made this project.
I didn't cut my hair to do this shot, before my departure to Boston in october.
I had few of leaves, I needed to many of them filling the bathtub but there were not many leaves in the last days of september.
The mask is handmade by me. I chose a moment of the day when the light was not high.
It was a little cold! xD
I used two pannels to reflect the light, to have a velvet light on the skin.

Here is a little part of "backstage":